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Friday, September 30, 2011


Friday is my rest day and day to teach. I enjoy teaching Crossfit, mostly because I enjoy Crossfit and want to be able to share my passion with others.

I. 400m Run
30 Squats/20PVC Rollouts/30 OHS

II. 21 - 15 - 9
Push Press
Toes to Bar
Rocking Chairs
Building Run

III. 5 minutes Agility - Box Jumping and Paralette Shoot throughs

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I. 500m Row/Tabata 20:10 x 4
Row/Jump Rope/Squats/Sit ups

II. 1500m Row
21 KB Swings (16k)
21 Deadlifts (135#)
1000m Row
15 KB Swings
15 Deadlifts
500m Row
9 KB Swings
9 Deadlifts

This was a good WOD after yesterdays killer Back Squats WOD.  It allowed me to loosen up before lifting some weight and was more cardio than strength.

III. Stretch

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter! 28 years ago today she came into my life and I have valued everyday.

I. 1000m Row/30 Squats/20 PVC Rollouts

II. 3 Rounds
30 Back Squats (75#)/30 KB Swings (16k)

III. Tabata 20:10 x 8
Wipers/Boat hold/Plank Hold

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I. 500m Row
Squats/Sit ups/Push ups
500m Row

II. "Melissa"
5 x 20 Burpees/10 Pull ups
Time: 15:15

III. 100 20# Partner Med Ball Sit ups

Monday, September 26, 2011

What is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it. It is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. We do pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a host of other movements. Always varied, always changing, always producing results. Kids, cops, firefighters, soccer moms, Navy SEALS, and grandmas all do CrossFit. In fact, hundreds of thousands worldwide have followed our workouts and distinguished themselves in combat, the streets, the ring, stadiums, gyms and homes. .


I. 1000m Row
2 x 1:00 each station
Squat/Sit up/Burpee/Row

II. 25 Lunge Steps
50 Ab Ball tosses/25 Lunge Steps
50 Step ups/25 Lunge Steps
50 Box Dips/25 Lunge Steps
50 Ring Rows
Time: 12:36

III. 10 -1 Partner Ladders
DB Thrusters
Sit ups

My legs were sore, especially right IT Band, from running 12.5 miles (3 legs) at Dances with Dirt.  It felt good to get moving and the lunge steps helped to stretch out the IT Band.  If I am going to do something like that again I am definitely going to have to do more running beforehand.  It is so much more fun if you are not in pain during and after the event.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I. 1 mile walk to Joust

II. 5 Minute AMRAP
100 Jump Ropes/25 Flutter Kicks/25 Squats
10 Minute AMRAP
20KB Swings/20 Push Press/20 Situps
5 Minute AMRAP
10 Push ups/10 Lunges/10 Ring Dips
10 Minute AMRAP
20 Cleans/20 O-Bar Rollouts/20 Front Squats
5 Minute AMRAP
10 Goblet Squats/10 KB Sit ups/10 Snatches

III. Stretch


Dances with Dirt - 100K Team Relay (5 per team)
 12 Hours of trail running in the mud, river and woods with 400 teams.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I. 1:00 minute each of:
Jump Ropes/Mt. Climbers/Squats/Sit ups

II. Shorts and Shawls Rx 65#/95#
75 Push Press/25 Box Jumps
50 Push Press/50 Box Jumps
25 Push Press/75 Box Jumps

This is a mentally tough WOD.  It can get a bit monotonous and you have to power through to get it done. It took people between 20 - 28 minutes to complete.

III. Stretch

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I. 800m Run/30 Lunges/20 Squats/10 PVC Rollouts

II. 15-12-9-6-3
Power Clean (75#)
Bar Facing Burpees
Time: 9:40

III. AMRAP 10 minutes
10 KB Sit ups

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I. 400M Run/150 Jump Ropes/30 Squats/20 PVC Rollouts

3 - 3- 2- 2- 1-1 Split Jerk (115#)

3 - 2 - 2 - 2- 1- 1 Deadlift (210#)

III. Bottom to bottom Tabata 20:10 x 8
Tabata Burpees 20:10 x 8

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I. 400m Run/10 Push ups/Pull ups/Squats/Burpees
30 PVC OHS/20 PVC Rollouts

II. 10,000m Partner Row
In Teams of 2 or 3 each partner rows either 400m or 250m before switching.
Time: 40:12 (Partner with Mandie, we each rowed 400m)

Proper rowing techniques helped to get through this workout.  The ability to maximize each stroke reduces the number of stroke you need to do.  Check out this video on rowing techniques.

III. Stretch

Monday, September 19, 2011


I. 500m Row/25 Sit ups
7 minute AMRAP
150m Row/Sit ups/Burpees/Goblet Squats

II. 7 minute AMRAP
7 Sandbag ground to shoulder/30 Squats
1:00 Minute REST
7 Minute AMRAP
7 Pull ups/7 Ring Dips
1:00 minute REST
7 minute AMRAP
7 Med Ball Thrusters/7 Ball Slams/7 Med Ball Sit ups

III. Stretch

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I. 500m Row/25 Sit ups/500m Row
800m Run/30 Squats/20 PVC Rollouts/10 Push ups/5 Pull ups

II. Partner "DT"
Partner 1 100m sprints until Partner 2 completes round of DT.  Both Partners complete 5 rounds of DT:
12 Deadlifts
9 Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks
(rx 135#/95#)
This was a pretty challenging WOD. The sprint (slow) was the rest.

III. Stretch

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today across the nation, Crossfit boxes participated in Fight Gone Bad to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Fund.  Almost $2M was raised by athletes completed the Fight Gone Bad WOD:
3 Rounds/1 minute at each station
Wall Balls
Box Jumps
Push Press
Row (calories)

Having done this workout the other day, I went to the gym to cheer on the other athletes.

Afterwards I did the following WOD:

500m ROW
10 x 1:00 minute Row/1:00 minute Rest

Friday, September 16, 2011


I. 1000m Row/10 PVC Rollouts/15 OHS/10 PVC Rollout/15 OHS

II. OHS (85#)

III. AMRAP 20 minutes
Max Sit ups
1:00 minute Row Sprint
Score = total # sit ups + calories = 512

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Fight Gone Bad

I do not like FGB but did it to support the other athletes in the gym and the bigger cause the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. In this video Greg Glassman explains the development of Fight Gone Bad.

3 X 1:00 minute at each station , 1:00 minute REST

Wall Ball/SDLHP/Box Jump/Push Press/Row (calories)
Rx = 55#/75#

Score = total # of Reps = today 269

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



This is a good article in Rest and Training.  It looks at all aspects of rest, which includes sleep, days off, and nutrition.  I find taking a day off allows me to come back stronger, refreshed and motivated.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I. 400m Run/30 Squats/20 PVC rollouts/30 Squats

II.  Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1 (110#)

III. Partner Ladder
3 x 1:00 minute Row
5 - 1 Paralette Shoot Through (I love these!)
15 - 1 Sit ups
5 -1 Pull ups

Nice little WOD to get the blood flowing.  Working with a partner seems to always make the WOD more enjoyable.  Great group of CFers this morning to workout with.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I. 400m Run
2 x 30 Lunges/20PVC Rollouts/10 Push ups/5 Pull ups

II. 21-15-9
Wall Balls
SDLHP (65#)
Box Jump
Push Press (65#)
Row (calories)
Time: 16:09

III. 50 Abmat Sit ups
Great Fight Gone Bad warm up.  I actually liked this WOD, given that I don't particularly care for FGB and was somewhat dreading this WOD, it is one I would do again.  Not anytime soon but will definitely revisit in the future. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I. 7 x
Row 1:00/Rest 2:00

II. 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 Deadlifts
135#/155#/175/175#/185#/195#/205#/failed 210#

I thought I would be able to do better on this WOD.  But for some reason I could not move the 210#.  I have to say I was a bit disappointed but will definitely try this again.


I. 1200m Run/30 Lunges/25 Sit ups/20Squats/15 PVC Rollouts/10 Push Ups/5 Pull ups

II. Crossfit Baseball (AMRAP in 20 minutes)
Batter's Box - 10 Sit ups
1st Base - 10  Push ups
2nd Base - 10 Squats
3rd Base - 10 Burpees
Home Plate - 10 Jumping Lunges
Lunge between bases
This is a nice way to mix up a 20 minute AMRAP and no equipment is needed.  And we got an awesome work out. You can also divide the group into teams and see who gets the most runs in 20 minutes.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Friday morning I instruct at the box I train.  This morning I got in a bit early and completed a 1500m Row and 100 sit ups before folks started trickling in. 

Today's WOD:
I. 400m Run/2 x 30 Squats/20 Lunges/10 PVC Rollout/5 Pull ups

II.  Partner WOD - one person working at a time, run is together
30 Deadlifts (rx 95/155#)
30 Box Jumps
30 Hand Release Push ups
200m Run with 25 or 45# plate

This took folks anywhere from 30 - 40 minutes to complete.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I. Tabata Warm up 20:10 x 8
Row/Lunges/PVC Rollouts/Squats

II. 5 -3- 2- 1- 1 Back Squats (145#)

10 Burpees/20 Pull ups/30 Box Jumps/40 Sit ups
50 Double Unders
40 Sit ups/30 Box Jumps/20 Pull ups/10 Burpees
Time: 14:30

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I. 400m Run/30 Lunges/20PVC Rollouts/10 Squats/5 Push ups

II. Tabata Weighted Squats 20:10 x 8

III. AMRAP 20 Minutes
5 Burpees
10 Toes to Bar
15 Squats

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I. 400m Run
2 x 30 Lunges/20 PVC Rollouts/10 Squats/5 Pull ups

II. 21-15-9
OHS (50#)
Hand Release Push ups
Building Run

III. 3 Rounds
500m Row
2 Minute Rest

Monday, September 5, 2011


I. 2K row/30 Lunge Steps/20 PVC Rollouts

II. Master's WOD #16
77 Double Unders (my nemeis, but I am determined to conquer)
66 Push ups (Hand Release)
55 Abmat Sit ups
44 American KB Swings (16kg)
33 Toes to Bar
22 Box Jumps
11 Burpees
Time: 22:04

III. 500m Row/20 PVC Rollouts

Toes to bar probably one of my favorite movements.  Here is an instructional video on knees to elbow, couldn't find one for Toes to Bar, but the movement is similar and gives the basic concept.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I. 1K Row/25 Sit ups/500m Row
400m Run/2 x 30 Lunges/20 PVC Rollouts/10 Push ups/5 Pull ups

II. OHS 5 -5 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 1 (80#)

III. AMRAP 20 minutes
2 KB Goblet Squats
3 KB Sit ups
Add 1 rep after each round completed.

This is a great way to mix up an AMRAP.  You have to think about what you are doing and while at first it doesn't seem very challenging it quickly becomes challenging.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


45 Minutes Spin

I went to check out the Real Ryder Spinning Studio.  It wasn't bad but really no different than any other spin studio. Loud music, dim lights and the instructor yelling commands.  The bike is suppose to simulate an outdoor ride.  I can't say that's how it felt, however, in order to keep the bike steady, while standing, you are forced to engage your core. I purchased a Group On deal so I will go back a couple more times but am not convinced it is any better than your standard spin class.

2K Row
100 Sit ups
2K Row

Friday, September 2, 2011


I didn't do this work out but rather taught the class.  The WOD was challenging both physically and mentally.  And to top it off it was a hot, humid morning.  All agreed they were glad they came at 6:00 am as the heat and humidity were definitely a factor. 

WOD: 10 Rounds
100m Run
10 Pull ups
10 Burpees, Yay Burpees!

This is one of those workout that is sometimes more of a mental challenge.  I am not saying it is not physically challenging but it is one that you can easily talk yourself out of completing.  But you have to focus on that little voice in your head whispering, you can do it! Sometimes it hard to hear, but if you listen, YOU CAN DO IT! This is one of the most important lessons I have learned from doing Crossfit over the years, you can overcome any challenge, whether it is in the gym, workplace or home, if you put your mind in the right place and listen to that tiny voice.  And the more you listen, that tiny voice becomes louder and easier to hear.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rock Taping

I have been wondering about all the taping I have been seeing on CrossFit athletes. What is the purpose and benefits of all this taping? This short video gives a brief explanation and the possible benefits.


I. 800m Run/500m Row/30 Lunges/20 PVC Rollouts/10 Squats

II. Front Squats 5 -3- 2- 1- 1 (130#)

III. 10 Rounds
5 Power Cleans (75#)
10 Hand release Push ups
5 Toes to Bars

In order to avoid a mutiny, modified the number of Toes to Bar from 10 to 5.  And added a 20 minute cap, which was enough time to complete the WOD.